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New and terrifying true cases: New York Babysitters are driven from a house by an evil presence. An old farmhouse is a portal for restless spirits. Who walks the halls of a former home for elderly ladies? Music students practice with the dead. Pennsylvania The ghosts of vicious criminals are still locked within the walls of an abandoned prison in Philadelphia. Gettysburg—the most haunted place in the country? Massachusetts Do you have the courage to spend the night with the ghost of an ax murderer in Lizzie Borden’s house?

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A collection of the revised and updated versions of the stories previously published in: Ghosts of Rockland County Haunted Hudson Valley More Haunted Hudson Valley Haunted Hudson Valley 3

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The history of science has been fraught with persecution, fraud, and ignorance on a massive scale. (But that doesn't mean we can't laugh about it!)

Bad Science: A Brief History of Bizarre Misconceptions, Totally Wrong Conclusions, and Incredibly Stupid Theories takes a humorous look at bloodletting, alchemy, quack devices, the worship of meteorites, faked data, secret testing on people, and all kinds of really ridiculous ideas.

Winner of the Silver Medal for Humor in the 2011 Independent Publishers Awards.

Table of Contents


Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals

Birth, Contraception, and Sex


Geology, Paleontology, Archaeology (and other things found in dirt)

Astronomy and the Space Program

Scientists, Heredity, DNA, Firearms, and Everything Else that didn't Fit into Previous Categories

A humorous look at strange astronomical theories from the ancient Greeks to the Hubble Space Telescope.             


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