If you are interested in ghosts and reading about ghost investigations, you can't go wrong with a Linda Zimmermann book. They are all excellent - interesting, well written, and scary. But she really outdoes herself in this one. I'm rarely uneasy when I read a book about ghosts, but this book is so intense I have to read it in small chunks.--C. Smith, Amazon.com, about Ghost Investigator Volume 7


Linda's New Book #8 once again brings you into Linda's Haunting Hunts!
The stories just make you want to go out & hunt with her or hide under your bed! I say, get this book & her other 7, go to her lectures, you won't be sorry you did. Fantastic!!


We had the best time ghost hunting at the Shanley Hotel!  Linda brings that scientific "let's prove this" attitude to the hunts that make it worth the cold... and creeps! - Jody Aliberto


Linda's new Book, 'Psychic Impressions' #7 is the best one yet! She really pulls you into the world of spirit investigations! You feel like you're there with her & Mike! Love it! Everyone should read this one! - Barb, Napanoch, NY


"Linda Zimmermann's ghost stories are the best I've ever read!" - Renee D, Internet


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I suspect most of us do not think about ghosts. In these modern times, we have other terrors (or even terrorists) to keep our focus on the natural world. But a good ghost story on a Fall night cannot be beat and Linda Zimmermann’s tale of a scientific specter hunt, Dead Center is on the mark. This story combines the eerie supernatural, a fast-paced plot and some interesting characters, all with twists of humor and humanity.


"I wholeheartedly recommend Linda's lectures to anyone who is interested in ghosts or anything supernatural. When she is finished you will definitely wish there were more stories to hear and more slides to see." - Frank G., Nanuet, NY


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Reviewer: A reader from Springfield, VA United States
Linda Zimmermann's books are among the most frightening I've read. She doesn't just regurgitate the work of compilers of local lore and legends as so many local ghost book writers do. She goes out and gets her own stories or personally investigates the ones that come to her, and has experienced ghostly presences herself. She treats both her clients and their ghosts with empathy and a little bit of humor. Her books aren't overly long, but when you've finished one, you feel as if you've really read something. I have hundreds of ghost books, and though I only discovered her recently, she's one whose books I will definitely seek out in the future.