HVZA tells a great tale of the much-awaited, highly dreaded Zombie Apocalypse; only now for me, and many like me it strikes home - literally, as it tells the tale of the beginning of the end for people living in and around the Hudson Valley / Rockland County area.
The characters in it are amazing; they have feeling and depth, and above all, they are highly believable and more important - likeable. The writing flows easily, and keeps the reader engaged. Their is no need of page upon page of superfluous descriptions of everyday items, or people's descriptions. The action feels real, and the book unfolds effortlessly. I found it very difficult to put this book down, and devoured it (if you'll forgive the pun) in two days.
Mrs. Zimmermann has done her homework well too - her descriptions of the use of firearms, medical terminology, the various stages of decomposition and the carnage the zombies inflict, as well as the geography of the region are all accurate, and leave the reader in no doubt as to the plausibility of the tale being told. HVZA is an enjoyable and gripping story that is a challenge to put down. I give this book two thumbs up, and eagerly await the up and coming graphic novel currently in the works.