Another 5 Star Reader Review on Amazon! : Rocking good read!, March 22, 2012 By Wor. Fluffy (Massachusetts) -  I met Linda Zimmerman at Lunacon at a panel on (what else?) How to Survive the Apocalypse (Zombies Optional). I was impressed by her answers and when she mentioned her book I decided to take a chance and buy a copy from her. GREAT CALL.

I was immediately drawn into it. As a firearms instructor, I usually wince when authors make stupid errors - and I didn't wince ONCE. The factual subject matter that I was familiar with was spot on; this may not seem important to all readers, but when I read something that I KNOW is wrong, it yanks me right out of that book and back to the real world. If you accept the basic premise (zombies CAN happen), everything else followed logically.

It was a book that had me sympathizing with the main character and fearful for her safety in the zombie-infested Hudson Valley. I felt myself dragged right into the action with her: felt her elation when things were going right, felt her doubt when she began to doubt her own humanity, felt her fear when surrounded by hundreds of ravening, flesh-eating zombies.

GREAT book. Buy it; you won't regret it. Well... except maybe for at 3 AM when you're either A) still up reading because can't put this page-turner down or B) waking up out of a zombie nightmare because the characters and situations in the book can seem so REAL. But buy it anyway.